EXQUISITE THINGS    21st Oct – 5th Nov 2017

“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.”

Oscar Wilde – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Exquisite Things is series of experimental photographic works, overtly inspired by a deep reverence for the historical traditions of portrait painting, but underpinned by an ongoing fascination with the innate dichotomy of the inner self, the untamed ego, versus the projected persona, the mask which we construct…. view works here



Twin projections (sizes variable)

Hell Bent for Pleather (after Patrick Woodroffe) 2.3 x 2.0m inkjet print on canvas – hand-made frame, wood, pleather, resin, acrylic and metal studs – P.O.A.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.29.23

record noun


a thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past;

a thin plastic disc carrying recorded sound in grooves on each surface, for reproduction by a record player;

Using the artist’s cherished vinyl collection as a deeply autobiographical catalyst, /ˈrɛkɔːd/ is a series of works which seek to compress and collapse time, creating a temporal confluence between past and present…. view installation here

Drawings and Prints



LoOP comprises a projected sequence of three short film segments produced using an experimental 360° 100-pinhole film camera rig developed and constructed by Horne. Part self-portrait, part-performance, each 100-frame sequence circles the artist, depicted in varying states of strength, fear, and melancholy. The projection is complemented by a video piece, looping on two small monitors, which depicts the needle of a record player stuck in a scratch, a mechanical Sisyphus, perpetually trapped in a futile cycle, unable to free itself from the groove. View installation here…

Recent press coverage in the Autumn 2017 edition of the Irish Arts Review….

Selected exhibitions:

2018 – Birr Arts Festival, Birr, Co. Offaly (curated by Vera Klute)

2017Limerick Printmakers Winter Members Exhibition, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick

Exquisite Things, solo exhibition at the Hunt Museum, Limerick 21 Oct – 5 Nov

Halcyon Days, glór Gallery, Ennis

Expressions 2017, Longford Art Photography International Portrait Exhibition, Longford.

2016 – Presión Mx 43 #fronteras, Faculty of Arts, UAEM, Cuernavaca, Mexico, and Palacio Alvarado, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Expressions 2016, Longford Art Photography International Portrait Exhibition, Longford.

11th Annual LSAD Drawing Awards, Church Gallery LSAD, curated by Karen Sweeney, assistant curator at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin)

2015Limerick Printmakers Open Submission Exhibition, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick, curated by Katriona Gillespie (Director, Galway Print Studio)

‘Exposed’, photographic group show, Hive Emerging Gallery, Waterford.